Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of fuel can I use?

We recommend using Nu-Flame Bioethanol Fuel, sold by PYRO.  It is 100% recycled, smoke-free and made in the USA!  It also produces less dark soot to stain your fire bowl.


You may also use 70% or 91% isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.



- 70% isopropyl alcohol can sometimes be more difficult to ignite due to the lower concentration of alcohol.

- 99% isopropyl alcohol is not recommended but can be used.  However, this concentration of will burn hotter, faster and may leave more burn residue.

- Bio ethanol/ethyl alcohol can be used but we recommend rubbing alcohol since it burns brighter, is more readily available and typically cheaper.

Does my order come with the necessary fuel?
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What's the safest way to refuel the bowl?
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Can I really cook food over it?
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What size and weight is the bowl?
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My concrete bowl looks damaged. Is this normal?
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